Six Steps for Customer Care

During a series of blogs we will discuss the Six Step for Customer Care, which are:

1. Appointment
2. Preparation and Organization
3. Customer Reception
4. Order monitoring
5. Vehicle Delivery
6. Follow up after Delivery

We will discuss each of the steps individually, from the perspective of the customer and the point of view of the Dealer. On each perspective we will see the advantages and how can we measure or evaluate that each step is really increasing our Customer Satisfaction.

These days what makes the difference between one brand an the other is Customer Satisfaction. All manufactures offer all kinds of conveniences, like radio, AC, automatic transmission, ABS, ESP, etc. For which only vehicle quality and service makes the difference.

As Dealers we cannot control, directly, the quality of manufacture, I mean directly as we can report to factory of any quality issue to have them investigate and improve. But we have 100% control of customer satisfaction. It is our duty to recognize and understand the customer’s needs, and fulfill or resolve these needs.

Now days quality is not only define as the hardware of the vehicle which is product manufacture like engine, transmission, electrical components failure. But also Customer Satisfaction, as technology advances the quality vehicle manufacturing improves, since we can monitor every step of manufacturing with very small details. So now customers will demand more of their experience during the service.

To improve on this new quality definition the Six Steps for Customer Care, will help us in identifying the customer needs and provide with a structure process.

So let’s get started with step 1 - Appointment.


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STEP 1: Appointment